Skate Church

Several of the guys in Seek First are apart of a local "skate church" in Lexington, Ky.  Unlike some "churches" and even "skate churches," this fellowship consists of skaters, their families and friends and is built on their friendships and relationship with Jesus.  There is not building, budget, or even "minister" running it.  It is led by skaters for skaters and their friends.  It is the hope of skate church to see these organic types of skate churches pop up at skate parks and spots across the nation.  If you would like to learn how you can start a skate church in your community the we would love to help you.  In many ways, "seek first" is a result of what God has been doing the guys skate church community over the past several years.   Below is a short documentary on the skate church in Lexington.  Please contact us below and we would love to help and your friends get started with skate church!

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