Over three years ago, Josh Roberts sensed that God was leading him to make a skate video that would share the message of hope and forgiveness through Jesus that he had recently experienced.  As Josh expressed his desire to make a video, God began bringing a host of people to the table to support this project.  What is more, as Josh began filming and sharing the vision for the video, God moved in the lives of many skaters in the city.  Gideon Maki quickly jumped on board.  Jonathan Wilson moved to Lexington form North Carolina and joined the effort.  Sam Mullins was baptized by Josh and immediately became a part of the crew and numerous friends were reached out to and included. Seek First is the result of three plus years of faithfully pursuing this vision.

Now, finally after a lot of hard work, injuries, and editing we are excited to share "Seek First" with the world!   Our prayer is that this video will encourage people of all walks of life and specifically will communicate the hope Christ offers to those of us in the skate community across the globe.

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